Update, Current Paul List, and Trypod Recs

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Update, Current Paul List, and Trypod Recs

Where have you been, Paul? On this episode, the last one for a while, Paul answers where he’s been… and where this podcast is (hopefully) going. He also posts a brief progress report on his continuing efforts to "read widely" and "dig deep," talking about his "Paul List" of recent comics reads from mainstream and more indie comics (and leaving many out, in retrospect!). Finally, for March’s "Trypod" initiative, and to point to some podcasting peers to tide folks over until "Study Comics" returns, Paul talks about a bunch of other comics podcasts he listens to.

Episode archives and more info can be found at http://studycomics.club and you can find Paul on twitter at https://twitter.com/TwoPlai

Thanks for listening, and stay in touch.

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