Trinity 1 by Francis Manapul and Wands DC Comics

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Trinity 1 by Francis Manapul and Wands DC Comics

‘Trinity’ 1 by Francis Manapul, with letters by Steve Wands, from DC Comics, is today’s interruption of @TwoPlai’s research break on the Paul List:Comics Analysis Podcast. In a bit of a meandering episode (sorry!), Paul describes why Manapul is the consummate current DC artist for his tastes, a perfect synthesis of various influences that works perfectly for the Rebirth moment. (Error correction: At one point, Paul says "Wildstorm" when he means "Top Cow." Sorry again!) The artistic and storytelling qualities that Manapul brings to this gathering table of DC’s three iconic heroes is the kind of match that makes this book a treat to read. And while he’s at it, Paul gets into why the Surface Pro that Manapul has been pitching is a pretty nice device for a comics person.


The Multiversity Comics interview with Brian Salvatore that Manapul did in 2013:

The Detective Comics volume with Manapul and John Paul Leon for contrast (via the Paul List’s Amazon Associates):

The Paul List:

Thanks for listening. Let’s dig deep.

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