“The Dragon Path” review [VIDEO]

[VIDEO VERSION. For the audio version of this episode, check out the podcast feed or jump to https://paulflai.com/podcast/2021-05-29-the-dragon-path-and-other-new-comics/ ]

The Comics Syllabus returns, this time with a video version of our segments (look for those on this stream!), which this week include…

A graphic novel review of “The Dragon Path,” the new book by Ethan Young from Scholastic’s Graphix imprint. The young prince of the Wong Clan has to lead his people through a fraught journey to the Old Land through the Dragon Path! One of our favorite graphic novel creators, Ethan Young, has a new book out for young readers that builds an intriguing fantasy world set in an Asian backdrop and featuring fun characters, along with Young’s characteristic lively art.

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