Jacob Semahn on ‘No. 1 with a Bullet’ (Image Comics)

Comics Syllabus
Comics Syllabus
Jacob Semahn on 'No. 1 with a Bullet' (Image Comics)

Writer Jacob Semahn joins Paul on the Comics Syllabus podcast to talk about “No. 1 with a Bullet,” the Image Comics series he co-created with artist Jorge Corona, colorist Jen Hickman, and writer Steve Wands. “No 1 with a Bullet” is collected in a trade that comes out June 6, 2018. It’s a thrilling near-future story about Nash Huang, a TV personality’s assistant who must survive the brutal public exposure of our social media age… and worse! Jacob and Paul talk about the big ideas and cultural trends that prompted the book’s creation, and the craft behind his and his collaborators’ creation of this dynamic book. Let’s dig deep!

(Note: Swears and content warning– with respect, Jacob and Paul discuss issues of harassment and violence, though not graphically. Separately, heads up for some adult language in this one.)

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