Ep 02 Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

Wings of Fire Fancast
Wings of Fire Fancast
Ep 02 Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

“The lost heir to the SeaWing throne is going home at last…”

Another installment of the mighty Wings of Fire Fancast*! Readin’ Jubilee (aka DragonRider) breaks down the second book of Tui T. Sutherland’s exhilarating series WINGS OF FIRE… The Lost Heir (2013)! We also talk a little about the Lost Heir graphic novel drawn by Mike Holmes (2019).

*(For us, “Fancast” is a “Podcast by a Fan”… not the typical meaning, “Casting for a Movie/TV Show Done by a Fan.” Wings of Fire Fancast is an unofficial fan podcast– obvs!)

WoF Fans, join us for:

“The Prophecy” (what to remember as you dive into this book– SPOILER FREE!): 04:30

“The Scroll” (summary/recap of this current volume of the series… SPOILER-FULL!): 06:37

“The Academy” (deep dive into some of the key moments, funny scenes, and other reader-to-reader talk): 15:24

Thanks for joining us, WoFFans.

Check it out! Subscribe by adding https://paulflai.com/feed/podcast/wingsoffire to your favorite podcast app. FIIIIRRRRRE!!!

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