Comics PLEASE: “Truly Tyler” by Terry Libenson

On a new segment (series?) on the Comics Syllabus, Paul talks about comics and graphic novels of interest to Parents, Librarians, Educators, And Student Enthusiasts in “Comics P.L.E.A.S.E.” (see what I did there?)

We start by discussing “Truly Tyler” from Balzer + Bray, the latest in Terry Libenson’s “Emmie and Friends” series which was kicked off by “Invisible Emmie.” Emmie reappears as one of the two main characters here, and we also get to know Tyler, her friend and cartooning partner, as the two deal with the pressures of middle school social circles and a growing friendship across boundaries.

Join us as we dig deep into “Truly Tyler” and talk about why Libenson’s latest offers gifts and opportunities for different points of view for young people.

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