Black Widow film + comics thoughts [audio version]

Comics Syllabus Podcast
Comics Syllabus Podcast
Black Widow film + comics thoughts

This week’s Comics Syllabus is a set of thoughts on the “Black Widow” movie from Marvel/Disney (SPOILERS aplenty!) with some reference to the comic book history of the character.

But first, Paul opens with a correction/apology, as last week’s “Polybagged” misattributed the backmatter story in “Ordinary Gods” #1 to Kyle Higgins, when the author is the awesome Jana Tropper. (And I mention Reading with Pictures and an upcoming comics for educators conference: )

Then we delve into “Black Widow,” and Paul shares some of his responses to the movie and connections to various “Black Widow” comics iterations of the character.

Finally, a plea for feedback and some help getting the word out about Comics Syllabus during this experimental summertime period.

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