Aquaman 6 Dan Abnett Brad Walker Andrew Hennessey Gabe Eltaeb DC

Sunday’s Superfriend is ‘Aquaman 6’ by Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and Gabe Eltaeb (DC Comics). TwoPlai tries to describe the tensions that the creators have mounted so that the dialogue between Superman and Aquaman in this culminating issue of the mounting conflict between Atlantis and the US feels convincing and exploits the contradictions and turmoil that make for compelling stories. TwoPlai tries… but time runs out before the case can reach full cogency, further exemplifying the failures of language in tight circumstances. Haha that’s just a rationalization for some of the gobbledegook plaguing this episode, but hey, give it a listen, see what you think. Sometimes, when you dig deep, you get a little messy. Thanks for listening.