2021-07-11 Eisner Nominees, Mamo, Ordinary Gods, Wynd, Karmen

Comics Syllabus
Comics Syllabus
2021-07-11 Eisner Nominees, Mamo, Ordinary Gods, Wynd, Karmen

This week: Part 1 of Discussion about 2021’s Eisner Nominees, and covering new comics this week: “Karmen” #5, “Mamo” #1, “Ordinary Gods” #1, and “Wynd” #8.

On this week’s Comics Syllabus, we start with “Polybagged,” (video episode here) covering some new comics in shops this week (July 7, 2021), talking about:

“Karmen” #5 by Guillem March (Image),

“Mamo” #1 by Sas Milledge (Boom!),

“Ordinary Gods” #1 by Kyle Higgins and Felipe Watanabe (Image), and

“Wynd” #8 by James Tynion IV (Boom!)

with mentions of other titles.

[CORRECTION: In my review of “Ordinary Gods” #1, I mistakenly attributed the backup prose story at the end, “Flip of a Coin,” to the comic’s writer, Kyle Higgins. In fact, the backup story was written by Jana Tropper. Apologies for the misattribution!]

Then, we talk through about half the list of Eisner Nominations for 2021 (video episode here), including Best Continuing Series, Best Limited Series, Best New Series, Best Single Issue, Best Short Story, Best Writer, and Best Writer/Artist.

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