2018-03-12 Comics as Social and Cultural Change

Comics Syllabus
Comics Syllabus
2018-03-12 Comics as Social and Cultural Change

Images that go with this episode are at http://wp.me/p42KN3-KXo

On this episode (at 0:00 ), Paul articulates a mission statement for the Comics Syllabus podcast, to “read widely and dig deep” in the process of studying how comics work towards and reflect social and cultural change.

First (at 15:00 ), the next two weeks’ Syllabus. Join us to read:

"The Syllabus" for 3/13/2018

Family Friday:
“Atlas & Axis” #1-3 by Pau (Titan Comics)
“The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America” by Jaime Hernandez (TOON)

Superhero Saturday:
DC: “Eternity Girl” #1 by Visaggio & Liew, “Michael Cray” #6 by Hill, Ellis, Vines, & Harris, “Justice League” #41 by Priest & Woods, “Super Sons” #14 by Tomasi, Thibert, & Barberi.
Lion Forge: “Astonisher” v1 by De Campi & Mhan.
Marvel: “Astonishing X-Men” #9 by Soule & Buffagni, “Mighty Thor” #705 by Aaron & Dauterman.
Valiant: “Secret Weapons: Owen’s Story” #0 by Heisserer, Allen, & Martin.

Sequential & Small Press Sunday:
“Why Art?” By Eleanor Davis (Fantagraphics)
“Brazen” by Penelope Bagieu (First Second)
“Puerto Rico Strong” by various artists (Lion Forge)
Short Box from Comics and Cola: shortbox.bigcartel.com

Manga Monday:
“Vinland Saga” by Makoto Yukimura (Kodansha)

Alt/Trade Tuesday:
Image: “Port Of Earth” v1 by Kaplan and Mutti, “Sleepless” #4 by Vaughan, Del Duca, and Sallah, “Slots” #6 by Dan Panosian, Dry County” #1 by Rich Tommaso, “Descender” #28 by Lemire & Nguyen, “Southern Bastards” #14 by Aaron & Latour, and “Paradiso” v1 by Ram V and Pramanik,
“Grass Kings” #13 by Kindt & Jenkins (Boom), “Giant Days” v7 by Allison & Sarin (boom).

World/Web Wednesday:
“Corto Maltese: The Golden House of Samarkand” by Hugo Pratt (IDW/Euro)

Throwback Thursday:
“Sandman” by Gaiman & various artists (DC/Vertigo)

Then (at 35:40 ) Paul talks about storytelling and grasping the individual in history, touching on titles from last episode’s Syllabus reading list, such as “The Sandman” #19 by Gaiman & Vess (DC/Vertigo), “Wires and Nerves” by Meyer and Holgate (Feiwel & Friends), “The Wicked + the Divine” by Gillen & McKelvie (Image), "Rocket Girl" by Montclare & Reeder (Image), and “Hypercapitalism” by Kasser & Gonnick (New Press).

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