109 Lou by Melissa Mendes Alternative Comics

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109 Lou by Melissa Mendes Alternative Comics

The Study Comics with Paul podcast http://studycomics.club/ looks at Melissa Mendes’ Lou from Alternative Comics (via the Sequential App), about a girl and her family in rural New England. Paul thinks about the universality and specificity of cartooning and of this story of childhoods, especially in a time when urban vs rural, or New England/West Coast vs Beltway differences are so underscored.

Visuals at

Lou: http://indyworld.com/imprints/alternative-comics/melissa-mendes/lou/

Amazon Associates link to buy Lou: http://amzn.to/2k8xB94

Mendes’ site: http://www.mmmendes.com/ and http://www.mmmendes.com/news/2016/7/5/lou

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