101 Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke First Second and Pull List

Comics Syllabus
Comics Syllabus
101 Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke First Second and Pull List

Find the visuals with this episode at: http://thepaullist.com/post/153955333440/ep101-mighty-jack-by-ben-hatke-first-second

‘Mighty Jack’ by Ben Hatke (First Second) is the subject of today’s Paul List– at least one page of it, and at least for the first 25 minutes! Paul digs deep into a page of Hatke’s art from the adventurous all-ages retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, discussing the architecture of panels and angle of limbs, gardens of good and ill, and the wonderful work of Ben Hatke.

Sorry for a long absence, Paul also delves in the last half hour into what he’s been reading in comics (see the list below). Let’s read widely and dig deep.

Comics Mentioned on Paul’s "Pull List":
Marvel: Black Panther and World of Wakanda, Champions, Vision, Empress, Captain Marvel, Death of X, Dr. Strange: The Oath, and Ultimates.
DC: All Star Batman, New Superman, Doom Patrol and Young Animal books, Supergirl, Super Powers, Trinity, Death: The High Cost of Living, Annotated Sandman, Gotham Central
Image: Deadly Class, Saga, Reborn, Shutter, Romulus
Others: Slam, Batman TMNT Adventures, Black, Pacific; Moebius: World of Edena, From Now On, Nao of Brown, Pope Hats, Yotsuba&!, Sithrah book 2, Attack on Titan

Comics Alternative Young Readers review of ‘Mighty Jack’ by Gwen Tarbox and Andy Wolverton http://comicsalternative.com/young-readers-reviews-of-mighty-jack-and-ghosts/

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