04 Big Barda, Happyland, and the Ballad of Goody Rickles!

04 Big Barda, Happyland, and the Ballad of Goody Rickles!
Mother Box: A New Gods Podcast on J...

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Mother Box: Episode 4! Big Barda, Happyland, and the Ballad of Goody Rickles!

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On the show this time, Paul manages to pull an interesting discussion from the concept of Goody Rickles, Matt compares Intergang to Homer Simpson, and Big Barda has no time to suffer your neuroses! Discussed this episode: The sliding timeline of superhero comics, and how contemporaneous references can add a date to the seemingly timeless; How Happyland highlights the world we see versus the terrifying reality that lurks under the surface; how a scene in “New Gods” #4 is a microcosm for the series as a whole; and the progressive (relatively) introduction of an important new female character!
Paul and Matt also talk about: DC’s handling of its “legacy,” Pervy Darkseid, the overwhelming imagination of Jack Kirby, Orion vs O’Ryan, Metron’s existential crisis, Darkseid’s “Santa Claus” moment, Kirby’s scathing commentary on the media and its powerful role in our everyday lives, and just who the heck is Goody Rickles anyway?!
Stay tuned to the end of the show when Paul and Matt discuss the future format of the show! A massive thanks also to Jaems Murphy for his awesome feedback and suggestions for further viewing/reading.
Join us in two weeks for the opening blasts of the next exciting episode of Mother Box!
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