026 On Catalyst Prime, Lion Forge’s New Superhero Universe, and Wait List

Comics Syllabus
Comics Syllabus
026 On Catalyst Prime, Lion Forge's New Superhero Universe, and Wait List

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Paul discusses the Catalyst Prime superhero sci-fi universe, published by Lion Forge, with titles like "Noble," "Accell," "Superb," "Astonisher," "The Incidentals," and "Kino," and featuring creators and editors like Joseph Illidge, Desiree Rodriguez, Joe Casey, Brandon Thomas, Alex De Campi, Christopher Priest, Sheena Howard, David F. Walker, Ray-Anthony Height, Damion Scott, Roger Robinson, Juan Fernandez, Marco Turini, Jessica Kholinne, and many others!

Welcome to the Comics Syllabus podcast, where we read widely and we dig deep. Your host Paul, a literacy researcher and English teacher, introduces curious readers to a range of current and classic comics, and then engages in closer discussion and analysis of particular comics works.
First, on the Wait List/Discussion Section ( 4:00 ), Paul lists various collections, trades, and graphic novels coming out in December that he’s anticipating, while commenting on Marvel and CB Cebulski. And as always, lots of shout outs. Escapist Comics Podcast interview with "Sleepless" creators Leila Del Duca and Alissa Sallah: http://art19.com/shows/the-escapist-comics-podcast/episodes/f4fe7cec-d666-48e0-9a15-d4c75f7a4e3f

Then, at ( 26:23 ), Paul talks about Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime, discussing the prospect of creating an interconnected superhero sci-fi universe, running through each of the Catalyst Prime titles so far, and appreciating the effort the line makes toward diversity.
Robots from Tomorrow episode with Joseph Illidge interview about Catalyst Prime: http://www.multiversitycomics.com/podcasts/rft-387-illidge-catalyst/ Graphic Policy piece about Catalyst Prime: http://graphicpolicy.com/2016/10/10/nycc-2016-talking-lion-forges-catalyst-prime-with-joe-illidge/

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