02 The Fourth World Expands and So Do Darkseid’s Tendrils!

Mother Box: A New Gods Podcast
Mother Box: A New Gods Podcast
02 The Fourth World Expands and So Do Darkseid's Tendrils!

Mattron (Matt Lune) and Lai-ray (Paul Lai) march on through the second issues of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series,”Forever People” #2, “New Gods” #2, “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen” #136, and “Mister Miracle” #2. Join Matt @MattLune and Paul @TwoPlai ‏as they dive deep into Kirby’s creative masterwork.

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Issues info:
(all Vince Colletta inks in interiors)

“Forever People” #2, April-May 1971, “Super War!”

“New Gods” #2, April-May 1971, “O’ Deadly Darkseid!”

“Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen” #137, April-May 1971, “The Four-Armed Terror”

“Mister Miracle” #2, May-June 1971, “X-Pit!”

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Across the vast distances – where the mysteries deepen, and hide, and wait with answers not yet known – a call has been heard – a name summoned for the Ultimate Mission – to thwart the Ultimate Destruction! Thus they come – the protectors – the wielders of the Astro-Force – Matt and Paul of the Mother Box Podcast!

[audio: http://episodes.castos.com/podsforliteracy/Mother-Box-03-the-Fourth-World-Expands-and-Darkseids-Tendrils.mp3%5D

Other topics for discussion include the parodic nature of “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen,” the burgeoning generation gap in 1970’s society, the examination of the target audience of “Forever People” and how that’s exploited through advertising, Kirby’s experimentation with photo collages, how both Margaret Attwood and Jack Kirby exploit matriarchal tropes to present convincingly disturbing villains, and much, much more!

Matt and Paul also discuss at length the masterful skill in which Kirby draws the reader down the page, an example of which can be found near the end of “New Gods” #2:

[image width=600]http://multiversitystatic.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2018/07/IMG_0404-2.jpg[/image]

Join us in two weeks where we’ll be discussing the third issues of “Forever People,” “New Gods,” and “Mister Miracle,” and “Jimmy Olsen” #138! Don’t miss the opening blasts of the next exciting episode of Mother Box!