013 Squadron Supreme with Greg Matiasevich by Gruenwald Hall Ryan and Wait List with Sonny

Comics Syllabus
Comics Syllabus
013 Squadron Supreme with Greg Matiasevich by Gruenwald Hall Ryan and Wait List with Sonny

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On this week’s Comics Syllabus podcast, Paul’s digs deep with good friend and Multiversity’s own Greg Matiasevich, one of the hosts of the Robots from Tomorrow podcast. They discuss the 1985-1986 "Squadron Supreme" 12-issue maxi-series written by Mark Gruenwald and drawn by various artists, notably Bob Hall and Paul Ryan (not THAT Paul Ryan). Squadron Supreme is Marvel’s version of the Justice League (and perhaps this series is Marvel’s version of "Watchmen"… before "Watchmen"!) An overlooked treasure that Mark Gruenwald poured all of himself into (literally!), "Squadron Supreme" stands as one of the most underrated all-time great comics…or at least, so Greg and Paul boldly proclaim.

Before that, our "General Ed" segment is the monthly "Wait List," where Paul talks to his trade-waiting brother Sonny about collections, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers coming out in the month of September. Paul poopoos Sonny’s superhero solipsism and Sonny scoffs at Paul’s professorial pretensions. It’s all love! (Note that Paul over confidently credits Joe Kubert with Andy Kubert’s work. We lost the elder Kubert five years ago. Apologies. Also… Francesco.)

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