It’s summer. I’m experimenting. All I can see is the twelve or twenty five things wrong with this comic. But after a lifetime of quitting everything because of imperfections, I’m throwing caution and shame to the wind! Haha!

Here in California, we’ve been continuing to live in this suspended reality of “reopening” post-COVID… sort of. Delta Variants and unvaccinated kids and other worries still keep a lid on everything. But there’s no doubt things are different, and we’re working toward… something different.

Books are a big part of our family life. We love ourselves a library. Or three. And there’s tons of truth in this strip, how the past year has conditioned us to gadgets and screens dependence, as well as a general constant state of exhaustion.

But I’m also happy to report, this strip is also not all the truth. My kid can still disappear into a book for hours. As for my book pile? Well, I’ve skimmed many a good table of contents. 🙂 That was basically my reading habits before the pandemic as well, so overall, it’s a shrug.