Preschool for All Kids- Now is the Time.

Alongside a federal push for Universal Pre-K, California has some political momentum towards expanding its Transitional Kindergarten or some other means of widely broadening voluntary preschool access, especially for low-income and immigrant kids.  How this will happen–and particularly how it’s paid for–are still in negotiation, but there are lots of reasons, fiscal and otherwise, why it’s a worthy investment.  This repository of links and fact sheets is a good resource for FAQs on the issue, from a pro-preschool perspective.

There are many ways to address the achievement gap (or the educational debt to non-dominant communities), but this particular idea has strong research, good sense, broad appeal, and ideal timing.  Most important of all, investing in good quality preschool means good things for kids’ life outcomes.  I’ll be particularly curious and watching for how it influences multilingual kids, immigrant families, and dual language learning programs.  But as a matter of policy we can get behind, this is one whose time has come for California.

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