Common Prayer app

I’ve been a fan of Common Prayer since it came out. It was an encouragement to pray with the saints around the works and throughout history, while aligning to what I think is the wheat among the tares of Christianity, inspiring a faithful and progressive discipleship. It’s a distillation of a lot of things I appreciate.
I admit it seems silly to pay $10 for an app of something freely available online and for which you already own the book. But sometimes you buy a ticket not because you couldn’t have otherwise seen the show but because it means you are committing to be there.
Thus far it has been sweet. I read with my imagination alive, imagining the prayer being led by my heroes if the faith, imagining confessions to God brought before the humble and broken gathered in church basements and simple communities, monasteries and airplane cabins, our hearts being searched by the same Spirit and yearning for righteousness to be revealed while grieving the collective and individual consequences of our idolatries, oversights of humanity, and reckless venality. The Our Father is new and old, every time.
If anyone out there is praying Common Prayer, I’m curious about your experience, your reflections on it, how you use it, how it changes you. And if you want to try, the app is pricey but is free.

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