Waiting for sunrise


Faith is waiting for a sunrise to appear with the utter certainty that it is beyond the horizon, sure to appear as it has every day that we waited for it, and more importantly, every day that we didn’t.

Forgetting about the goodness of God for entire months at a time, it is not hard for me to imagine a life sans faith. Easier sometimes than reimagining my life with the eyes of faith.

But if God lives and moves, it can be an utter certainty, one we seize by faith, that he will live and move in your life. But am I prepared for the form in which he might? Will Love appear as a roaring lion or a storm of locusts? Will strength arise with a yawn of silence and quietude?

The point is, it is not ours to decide or even to know. Only to wait.

One thought on “Waiting for sunrise

  1. This captures what I’m constantly anticipating. I minister to the youth and sometimes it feels like I’m not making a dent in their lives. But time and time again, God surprises me. Faith is established. Broken lives are healed. Sin is overcome. I have faith that God will continue to move into lives and dwell among them. When that happens, these kids will never be the same again.

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